Hand Pressed,Plant Powered,
Non-Dairy Milk

Redefining the traditional milk man.

Almond - Cashew - Coconut - Hazelnut - Mango

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Why Made to Mylk?

Made to Mylk is the first Canadian Company that produces and delivers hand made nut Mylks. We are based out of  the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. 


Most of the organic boxed almond nut milks have only 2% nuts/grains , and a very long list of filler ingredients that are just tricky to even pronounce- Carra...what? 

Made to Mylk Organic Nutmylk contains up-to 40% nuts/grains, with only 3 or 4 other real food ingredients that you can pronounce- dates, vanilla, salt and cacao.

( that was much easier to say!) 

At Made to Mylk, we believe that plant-based food should be accessible to ALL budgets without comprising quality. This is why our products are priced with families in mind. We are on a mission to bring you the MOST nutritious, freshest, plant based mylk- because mylk should live in your fridge and not only in a fancy coffee shop. 

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Delivery Details


Delivery on Sundays only

We will  leave your Mylk  by your door, if you are not at home. Please leave a cooler with ice by your door.  Exact timing cannot be confirmed.